Madame Web: Who Is Anya Corazon? New Spider-Girl Explained

Sony dropped the first trailer for Madame Web featuring Isabela Merced"s Anya Corazon/Spider-Girl. But who exactly is the new superhero?
As Sony"s Spider-Man Universe continues to expand with new heroes, Madame Web will bring several new Spider-Women into the mix, including one played by Dora the Explorer"s Isabela Merced.
Madame Web Reveals New Spider-Girl SuperheroThe debut trailer for Madame Web offered up the first look at the movie"s new spider superheroes, among which is Isabela Merced"s Anya Corazon, better known in Marvel Comics as Spider-Girl.
Sony PicturesCorazon"s new superhero suit was featured in a few glimpses in the trailer, with goggles used to mask her face akin to some of her comic appearances.
Sony PicturesCorazon appears to don a black and silver colored suit in the movie and can be seen throwing some form of spinning red disc in combat, perhaps teasing an arsenal of spider-like gadgets at her disposal. 
Sony PicturesMerced will appear as part of a trio of Spider-Woman-like heroes recruited by Dakota Johnston"s Madame Web to take on Ezekiel Sims, joining her are Sydney Sweeney"s Julia Carpenter and Celeste O"Connor"s Mattie Franklin.
Sony PicturesEach of the heroes was confirmed to have some connection to Johnston"s Madame Web, with Corazon"s coming into their mutual apartment building.
The full trailer for Madame Web can be seen below:
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