The 15 New Star Wars Planets Introduced In The Mandalorian (& Where They Are In The Star Wars Galaxy)

  • The Mandalorian has introduced 15 new planets to the Star Wars galaxy, expanding its universe.
  • Din Djarin has traveled from the Outer Rim to the Deep Core, exploring various planets along the way.
  • Each planet has its own unique features and significance in the story, from icy Pagodon to the forested planet Corvus.
The Star Wars galaxy has greatly expanded ever since the debut of The Mandalorian, with the live-action Star Wars TV show now having introduced 15 brand-new planets to the galaxy. Pedro Pascal's Din Djarin has the chance to travel around the galaxy often in The Mandalorian due to his occupation as a bounty hunter, as well as his days spent on the run from other hunters and Imperial Remnants with Grogu. Whether it be in his trusty old Razor Crest or the refurbished N-1 starfighter, Din's adventures have introduced a whopping total of 15 new planets to the Star Wars galaxy so far.
From The Mandalorian season 1 to its most recent season 3, Din's travels have taken him from the Outer Rim of the galaxy to the Deep Core. Some of the planets he visits, such as Tython and even Mandalore, were previously established, but saw their live-action debut in this TV show. Most of the planets, though, are brand-new, and here's all 15 of them - and where exactly they're located in the Star Wars galaxy.


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