Stunning Catwoman Cosplay Beautifully Recaptures Batman Returns" Selina Kyle

  • Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman from Batman Returns remains a beloved and iconic portrayal of the character.
  • Pfeiffer's Catwoman was a pivotal reinvention of the character in live-action, paving the way for future interpretations.
  • Despite only appearing in one film, Pfeiffer's Catwoman continues to be highly recognized and appreciated in pop culture today.
Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman from Tim Burton's Batman Returns comes to life through an incredible DC cosplayer. Batman and his mythology have been reimagined numerous times for the big and small screens over the last few decades, allowing multiple actors to portray the Dark Knight, his supporting characters, and villains. One of the most iconic Batman movie villains is Michelle's Pfeiffer's Catwoman, though Selina Kyle has appeared in multiple Batman movies and allowed the character to shine outside the comics.
Pfeiffer's version of Catwoman in Batman Returns, which opened in theaters over 30 years ago, set the benchmark for Selina Kyle as a gothic femme fatale. Even though she only got to do one movie, Pfeiffer's take on Selina was one of the most well-received aspects of Batman Returns. To show her admiration for Pfeiffer's Catwoman, inoecosplay shared a new gallery on Reddit of her rendition of the iconic DC character, which can be seen below:


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