Marvel Studios Releases Creepy New Trailer for Disney+'s Secret Invasion

A new teaser for Samuel L. Jackson"s upcoming MCU Disney+ project, Secret Invasion, is out, and it leans into some notably creepy vibes.
The upcoming adult-oriented show looks to give fans a unique experience. Many are quick to point out how the espionage thriller"s teasers distinctly remind people of the highly loved Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
Even star Emilia Clarke teased that audiences "can"t fathom" what will be in store for them when the show lands.
Secret Invasion Gets A Creepy TrailerMarvel Studios released a creepy new teaser for Secret Invasion on Twitter, which asked fans an important question.
The trailer focuses on a nondescript crowd of people, first asking: "What if the ones closest to us..." 
MarvelAnother shot continues the thought process, elaborating, "who we"ve trusted our whole lives..."
MarvelA third frame ends the question: "were someone else entirely?"
MarvelThe teaser ends with another query for fans, which is the crux of the series: "... what if they weren"t even human?"
MarvelThe full trailer spot can be watched below:
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