Why Sam Wilson Really Has A New Captain America Costume In MCU Phase 5 - New World Order Theory

Set photos from the production of Captain America: New World Order have revealed a new suit for Sam Wilson which could be explained by a theory for Phase 5's overarching story. Filming for Captain America 4 began in March 2023, with plenty of news about the film being revealed as a result. The first pictures of Harrison Ford as the recast Thunderbolt Ross were revealed, as was the confirmation of Liv Tyler's return to the MCU as Betty Ross.
The most recent reveal, however, came as a shock to many familiar with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The set photos confirmed Sam Wilson's Captain America suit for the film will forgo the red, white, and blue of his initial costume. For New World Order, Wilson's Cap will now sport a new, dark blue suit with a gold emblem, akin to the Captain America costume worn by Steve Rogers during Captain America: The Winter Soldier. While this could be the MCU needlessly changing yet another costume, there may be story reasoning behind the change that links to both Phase 4's final project and future stories of Phase 5.


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