Why The Flash CGI Is So Bad - Is The VFX Unfinished?!

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for The Flash.
While The Flash is legitimately good, the CG effects and VFX work is at times terrible, and downright embarrassing at others. In fact, The Flash movie showing in theaters feels like an unfinished version - an advanced assembly cut with all the right pieces in place, but without the final gloss of DC’s expensive VFX department. Whisper it, but at times, The Flash's VFX is worse than Henry Cavill’s “invisible” mustache in Justice League.
Originally intended as a multiversal centerpiece of the original DCEU, The Flash has since become something of a free hit for Warner Bros. There are few stakes in-universe with the DCU reset incoming - and The Flash's ending does set that up - so it became more like a chance to mess about and tie off some loose arteries. In that light, and initially ignoring the issues behind the scenes, it’s great: a DCEU high point. But there’s no getting around the fact that The Flash has absolutely terrible CG effects work. And weirdly, some might even be intentional.


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