Tom Holland Trades In Spider-Man For DCU Role In Superman: Legacy Fan Art

  • Spider-Man star Tom Holland is being suggested as the next live-action version of The Flash in James Gunn's DC Universe.
  • The future of The Flash in the DC Universe is uncertain after the end of Grant Gustin's show and Ezra Miller's movie flop.
  • It remains to be seen if The Flash will be included in Gunn and Safran's upcoming DC franchise, but there is a possibility of a new speedster taking on the iconic mantle.
Spider-Man star Tom Holland gets pitched as The Flash for James Gunn's DC Universe in new Superman: Legacy fan art. 2023 is the end of the DCEU movies, with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom set to be the final installment of the franchise. However, as one superhero continuity comes to an end, another one is about to come to life as Gunn and Peter Safran are developing a new era for the DC franchise, with several upcoming DC Universe movies and TV shows slated for Chapter 1, "Gods and Monsters.".
As Gunn and Safran are tapping new talent to portray some of the iconic heroes in the DC Universe, there are some whose fates in the franchise have yet to be revealed. For the next live-action version of The Flash, Felipe Illa shared new Superman: Legacy artwork, as proof-of-concept, where Holland gets imagined as the Scarlet Speedster.
Holland has been playing Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever since 2016, where he featured in Captain America: Civil War before starring in his own Spider-Man trilogy. Even though Holland is set to return for Spider-Man 4, the idea of him joining Gunn's DC Universe is definitely a tempting one, to say the least.


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