Aquaman’s Netflix Snub Is A Massive Blow To Jason Momoa’s Final DCEU Movie

  • Aquaman's absence from Netflix could negatively impact the success of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, as the streaming service would have brought in more viewers and boosted box office numbers.
  • Netflix is crucial for the future of the DCEU, as the franchise will have little support from Warner Bros. after Aquaman 2's release. Netflix provides a platform for the franchise to continue living and allows audiences to revisit the DCEU even after its diminishing importance.
  • The DCEU's future success relies on streaming platforms like Netflix, as the dominance of streaming makes it difficult for audiences to access content that is not available on specific services. Netflix ensures that the franchise remains accessible and keeps the series alive despite the upcoming DCU reboot.
Aquaman has been snubbed by streaming giant Netflix, something that could be a concern for Jason Momoa's final DCEU adventure in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. When James Gunn was announced as the head of the rebooted DC Universe, it became clear that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom's story would be the final entry into the DCEU. The film will effectively end the prior iteration of the franchise on film before James Gunn's confirmed DC movie and TV slate will usher in the new, rebooted versions of the beloved comic book characters.


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