Marvel Fans Pick Thor 5"s Perfect Director To Fix What The MCU"s Asgard Has Lost

  • While Taika Waititi won't be returning to direct Thor 5, Marvel fans suggest that Kenneth Branagh, who directed the first Thor film, could bring back the gravitas and seriousness that was lacking in Thor: Love and Thunder.
  • Chris Hemsworth's performance as Thor has made him the most consistent superhero actor, warranting recognition on par with Tom Hiddleston's Loki. Thor 5 could serve as a significant and potentially final outing for Hemsworth, demanding a more serious tone.
  • A reversion in tone for Thor could be beneficial, balancing humor with the composure and Shakespearean-style gravitas that Branagh brought to the original film. This could provide a satisfying full-circle conclusion to Hemsworth's portrayal of the character.
With Taika Waititi confirmed to not be returning to direct Thor 5, the question now hangs over who will take the reins of the franchise to help fix what the MCU's Asgard has lost - and some Marvel fans have weighed in with their takes. Waititi made huge waves with his directorial MCU debut, Thor: Ragnarok, which revived Thor's solo franchise following Thor: The Dark World's disappointing reception. This was largely due to how the movie capitalized on star Chris Hemsworth's capacity for comedy, breathing fresh life into the Avenger who had previously presented in a more serious light.
Unfortunately, Thor: Love and Thunder failed to replicate its predecessor's success as it leaned too heavily on levity in a movie that dealt with some distinctly somber plotlines. Aside from resulting in a tonal miasma, it also threatened to turn the God of Thunder into little more than a punchline protagonist, flouting the importance of Thor's MCU legacy. Though it was still leagues away from being the worst MCU movie, fans on Twitter/X (via @CanWeGetToast) have agreed that Thor could benefit from a reversion in tone. Specifically, this would entail re-hiring the Director for Thor's eponymous first movie: Kenneth Branagh. Check out the original post and some reactions below:
@CanWeHaveToast was the first to suggest that Thor could benefit from a return to more Shakespearean themes.
@MrVerse_ mirrored the sentiment, but suggested that Thor should maintain some of the humor conveyed in Thor: Ragnarok.
@ttime3519, meanwhile, decries the audience's apparent pivot from enjoying the humor in Thor: Ragnarok to condemning it in Thor: Love & Thunder.
@iisneel went so far as to suggest, somewhat controversially, that the original Thor is the best of all four of Thor's movies.
@TCAlexChen2021, among others, floated the idea that Beta Ray Bill, whose visage made a cameo in Thor: Ragnarok as one of Grandmaster's champions, should feature as one of Thor 5's main characters as a priority, regardless of tone.
Meanwhile @MedicatedEmu joined many others in championing Branagh's work on the original movie, going so far as to state a more grounded tone should have followed Avengers: Endgame as a result of Thor's character growth in the climactic movie of the Infinity Saga.


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