Why Iron Man Was The Only Hero To Get 2 Solo Movies Before Marvel"s First Avengers Movie

  • Iron Man's early solo movies were crucial in establishing his character arc and setting the foundation for the entire MCU. They showed his evolution from a selfish genius to a hero willing to work with others.
  • The decision to have two Iron Man movies before The Avengers was significant because it emphasized Iron Man's importance in the larger story. It allowed viewers to see the MCU grow and expand through Tony's eyes.
  • Iron Man's journey in his solo movies foreshadowed his role as a central figure in the Infinity Saga. The introduction of crucial characters like Pepper, Rhodey, Black Widow, and Nick Fury further solidified his significance in the MCU.
Iron Man is the most iconic Avenger in the MCU, and Robert Downey Jr. has given insight into one of the biggest early differences between him and his fellow heroes before The Avengers. With the massive popularity that the MCU has amassed across the span of its nearly two decade run, it can be difficult to believe that much of its popularity hinged on one of its first movies. When the first Iron Man movie was released, much about it was considered a risk of sorts - from both Robert Downey Jr's casting, and the decision to choose a character that general audiences would be less familiar with than the likes of Spider-Man or Captain America. If Tony Stark had not succeeded in capturing viewers' hearts, it's very likely MCU as it is known today would not exist.
It's understandable, then, that the MCU timeline spends a lot of time with Iron Man, developing him from a selfish, wealthy genius to the savior of the universe, and a figure whose importance can still be felt long after his death. Far before this, though, Tony stood out from his fellow Avengers even early on, in part because Iron Man was the only hero to lead two solo movies before teaming up in 2012's The Avengers. The other members of the original six either got one solo movie, or, in the case of Black Widow and Hawkeye, were only introduced in their teammates' movies. Helpfully, Robert Downey Jr. has previously explained why this choice is so important for his character.


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