One Star Wars Character Hinted At Star Wars" Other Galaxies Almost 2 Years Before Ahsoka

  • The Ahsoka Star Wars TV show expanded the universe by traveling to another galaxy, hinting at the possibility of intergalactic travel.
  • Gaya, an entertainer at the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, was referred to as an "intergalactic superstar," suggesting that intergalactic communication and travel may be more common than previously thought.
  • The ancient history of the Star Wars universe indicates that intergalactic travel was once more common, and Ahsoka may provide further explanations for characters like Gaya having intergalactic reach.
Nearly two years before the premiere of Ahsoka, one Star Wars character hinted at the universe's other galaxies, as well as the connection between them. The latest live-action Star Wars TV show massively widened its scope by traveling into another galaxy, where both Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger had been stranded after the events of Star Wars Rebels. Following the Ahsoka finale, Ahsoka Tano herself and Sabine Wren are trapped there, with Thrawn and Ezra having escaped back to the regular galaxy. While it seems like it may be impossible for the master and apprentice to get back home, Star Wars has hinted that intergalactic travel may be more common than previously thought.
Ahsoka itself provided several hints about the ancient history of the Star Wars universe quite commonly using intergalactic travel, with the Nightsisters of Dathomir having originated from Peridea before traveling to the home galaxy of Star Wars. Peridea also contains runes praising the Zeffo, an ancient species who once had their own type of empire within the Star Wars galaxy - and clearly must have also either originated from another galaxy or even had an intergalactic reach with their rule. Before Ahsoka, however, Star Wars was already hinting at other galaxies with a Star Wars character whose name alone proved their intergalactic reach.


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