Tom Welling"s Superman & Smallville Cast Become Batman & Other Gotham City Characters In New DC Art

  • Smallville star Tom Welling and other cast members are imagined as Batman characters in new DC fan art, showcasing their versatility.
  • Smallville was a successful TV show that paved the way for superhero TV shows but never had Clark meet Batman until a tie-in comic.
  • There is potential for a Smallville revival or sequel, focusing on Lois and Clark's lives post-Crisis on Infinite Earths, and even an animated show.
Smallville star Tom Welling, who starred as Clark Kent/Superman for a decade, and multiple cast members get imagined as Batman and various members of his mythology in new DC fan art. While superhero TV shows are bigger than ever, Smallville came at a time when the genre was still something studios and networks were hesitant to invest in, given the flops at the end of the 1990s. As the show focused on telling the ultimate Superman origin story, Smallville also featured various DC heroes throughout its successful run on The WB and The CW.
Ever since the original ending of Smallville in 2011, the show has only continued to get bigger across the world through streaming and home media release. As fans still share their love for Smallville online, Buffy2Ville imagined what it would look like if Welling and various cast members had instead been tapped to play characters from Batman's world.
Sadly, the Dark Knight was one of the major DC Comics characters that the show wasn't able to use, as Smallville never had Clark meet Batman until the season 11 tie-in comic. As such, Buffy2Ville imagined Welling as Batman, as well as the following Smallville actors for these roles:
Smallville Actor
Batman Character
Tom Welling
Bruce Wayne/Batman
Erica Durance
Selina Kyle/Catwoman
Michael Rosenbaum
Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze
Kristin Kreuk
Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy


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