"He"s Like A Kang": Ms. Marvel Actor Iman Vellani Pitches Iron Lad Storyline For Young Avengers

  • Iman Vellani discusses the potential of introducing Iron Lad and how it could tie the Young Avengers into the Multiverse Saga.
  • The Young Avengers could show a different side of Kang, with Nate Richards trying to change his future as a villain.
  • The Marvels provide the perfect opportunity to bring the Young Avengers into the larger story by introducing new characters like Iron Lad.
The Marvels star Iman Vellani discussed the potential future of the Young Avengers and why Iron Lad could be the perfect way to bring them into the larger plot of the Multiverse Saga. The MCU has been laying the groundwork for the Young Avengers since Phase Four began with a number of young new heroes introduced, including Ms. Marvel and Kate Bishop. The Marvels finally brought this to a head in the final moments of the movie, with Kamala Khan inviting Kate Bishop to join her team and teasing her desire to recruit Cassie Lang as well.
In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant for The Marvels, Iman Vellani discussed the future of the Young Avengers in the MCU. She explained why Iron Lad could be the perfect comic book storyline to introduce the new team. Vellani also pointed out that this would tie the Young Avengers into the larger Kang storyline that is at the heart of the Multiverse Saga.
Iman Vellani: It would be interesting if they did an Iron Lad type thing because that's still Kang and that feels like it could work. Have Nathaniel Richards be a part of the Young Avengers at some point, and then they realize, "Oh my God, wait, he's like a Kang, but is he a good guy or a bad guy?" I feel like dealing with that would be fun in the direction that the MCU is headed.
The Young Avengers Could Show A New Side Of Kang Close Kang is at the heart of the Multiverse Saga, playing a major role in Loki, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, and being set up as the next Avengers-level threat. Although the heroes have managed to defeat the versions introduced so far, the Council of Kangs, which was introduced in Quantumania, is set up to be the biggest threat in the multiverse. Their desire for power is what will likely be the start of a new multiversal war, which the heroes of Marvel will be integral to stopping.


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