Iman Vellani Breaks Down How The Young Avengers Can Bring A New Perspective To Avengers Heroism

  • Young Avengers bring a fresh perspective: With their own experiences and fandom of the originals, they can bring something new and functional to the team.
  • Kamala Khan as a natural-born leader: She is mature, intelligent, and knowledgeable about superheroes and teamwork, making her an ideal leader for the Young Avengers.
  • Understanding of reality and humanity: The Young Avengers are more grounded and aware of the value of human life, as they have relationships and mentors that anchor them in the real world.
The Marvels star Iman Vellani details how the Young Avengers can stand out from the original Avengers team with a new perspective and a different understanding of this world. The MCU has been laying the groundwork for the Young Avengers by introducing this next generation of heroes in different movies and Disney+ series. The Marvels finally brought this to fruition by setting up Kamala Khan as the leader as she recruited Kate Bishop to her team.
In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant for The Marvels, Vellani discussed the Young Avengers. She broke down how the new team could stand out from the originals based on their own experience in this world. Vellani explained that their perspective after living through Avengers battles, being fans of the original Avengers, and having Ms. Marvel as their leader can bring a new tone to this generation of Avengers. Check out Vellani's full quote below:
Iman Vellani: They have perspectives that the older Avengers don't, especially because they've had to deal with the repercussions, but they're also a fan of the older Avengers. So I think they can really make this team-up something new. I think it'll be way more functional than the Avengers even were. I think Kamala being in charge might also set the tone in a really wonderful way. I think she's a natural-born leader.
She is not only the glue of the Marvels, but could be the glue of the younger Avengers group because she is mature and she is intelligent, and she also has all this knowledge about being superheroes and teamwork and how to do it in a way that's ideal and works for everyone. And she's probably learned so much from being on the Marvels, so she can bring that into the Young Avengers. But yeah, I think they'll definitely be a group that a lot of the younger audiences can resonate to and relate to way more. I think their opinions on social justice issues, I think their opinions on just the world in general and is what's needed is way more important.
They feel like the group that will understand humanity and the value of human life way more than I think the older group does because they're in it, right? They have relationships there. They're in school, they have their friends, they have their idols and their mentors. And I think all of those relationships will ground this group way more than we have mentors who's a billionaire, and you got a guy who was frozen from the 1940s. So they're definitely way more aware of reality.
The Young Avengers Can Learn From The Original Avengers Team Close Many of the potential Young Avengers, including Kamala Khan, Kate Bishop, and Cassie Lang, have learned directly from the heroes they hope to emulate. They were taught not only the skills they would need as Avengers but also the costs that this life could have. However, they each also have a very different path to becoming a hero than their mentors. Where Hawkeye began as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Kate Bishop has been training to become an Avenger since childhood; Cassie Lang clearly hopes to take the best parts of both her father and Hope van Dyne; and Kamala Khan has learned from not only Captain Marvel but Nick Fury and Monica Rambeau as well.


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