Spider-Man 4’s Most Unique Villain Choice Has Already Asked For The MCU Movie Role (& He"d Be Perfect)

  • Stephen Oyoung wants to reprise his role as Martin Li's Mister Negative in an MCU Spider-Man movie, showcasing a strong interest and passion for the character.
  • Mister Negative, a major character in the Insomniac Spider-Man universe, was voiced by Oyoung who also provided his own appearance via motion capture for Martin Li, making the transition to live-action feasible.
  • Mister Negative could be a fitting villain for Spider-Man 4, providing a grounded and multilayered story ahead of other villains like Kingpin or Venom.
A Marvel villain actor has already asked to be in the MCU with the same role in live-action, and he'd certainly be a unique choice to be the main foe in Spider-Man 4. Although Spider-Man 4 starring Tom Holland is confirmed to be in development, it's not yet known what Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have planned for the next chapter. However, there are hopes for something more grounded in the wake of the multiversal epic that was Spider-Man: No Way Home, an idea that would cater quite nicely to Martin Li's Mister Negative.
Having made his first appearance in the comics with 2007's Free Comic Book Day 2007 (Spider-Man) #1, Mister Negative was created by Dan Slott and Phil Jimenez. Operating as a superpowered crime lord in New York City, Mister Negative is best known for his role in Insomniac's Spider-Man games for the PlayStation 5. However, Mister Negative actor Stephen Oyoung wants to do much more with the role:
Considering the actor's keen interest in mind and hopes for Spider-Man's next adventure in the MCU, here are some of the biggest reasons why Mister Negative would be the perfect villain for Spider-Man 4.
Related How To Watch the Marvel Movies In Order (By Release Date & In Order Of MCU Timeline Events) Want to catch up before the next release, or just revisit the universe for a refresher? Here's the order to watch the entire MCU timeline. Stephen Oyoung's Mister Negative Has Already Asked To Be In The Movies A Major Character In The Insomniac Spider-Man Universe In the Insomniac universe, Stephen Oyoung voices and provides the motion capture for Martin Li's Mister Negative, a key villain in the first Spider-Man game who then receives a more redemptive arc in 2023's Spider-Man 2. As such, this iteration of the villain very much embodies Oyoung, meaning that the potential to play the character in live-action is more than feasible. This is something Oyoung clearly recognizes and would love to make happen as evidenced by the aforementioned tweet.
Mister Negative has been an established Marvel villain in the original comics since 2007. However, it was really only until Oyoung's portrayal of the character in the Insomniac Spider-Man games that the villain became more of a popular household name in the mainstream, both on-screen and on the page. To that end, the opportunity to potentially bring Mister Negative to the MCU via Spider-Man 4 is something that has already been earned by Oyoung whose dynamic portrayal has gained the villain several fans since the first game's 2018 release.
Who Is Mister Negative In Marvel Comics Martin Li And His Dual Personality Close "There's already a foundation for Mister Negative to appear in the MCU's future."
Having been subjected to intense experimentation in the original Marvel Comics, Martin Li gained control over both the Darkforce and Lightforce sources of energy, not unlike Marvel's Cloak (Tyrone Johnson) and Dagger (Tandy Bowen). However, Li also developed a dual personality with his other self appearing monochromatic and known as Mister Negative. Thanks to his impressive new powers, Li began amassing a fortune which he used to become a philanthropist in New York City, all while Mister Negative was positioned as a major crime boss operating out of Chinatown.
Mister Negative's Inner Demons gang have most often been Spider-Man foes, though they've also had their fair share of conflict with other heroes and gangs operating in New York. Additionally, Peter Parker's Aunt May began volunteering at Li's FEAST centers for the less fortunate both in the comics and in the first Spider-Man game. While Li has yet to be mentioned in the MCU, it's worth noting that Marissa Tomei's Aunt May was also volunteering at FEAST before she died in Spider-Man: No Way Home. As such, there's already a foundation for Mister Negative to appear in the MCU's future.
Why Mister Negative Would Be A Perfect Spider-Man 4 Villain Choice A Great Choice For A Moure Grounded Spider-Man Story Although Spider-Man: No Way Home was full of multiversal mayhem and the inclusion of Spider-Man variants from other universes, the movie did end teasing that Peter Parker's future was set to be more grounded in New York City. It was teased that he'd be more of a lone superhero, something more in line with his typical status quo and depictions in the comics. To that end, a villain like Mister Negative and his criminal empire would fit very well with the idea of a more grounded story.
Mister Negative as Spider-Man 4's villain could build onto the Spider-Verse with Oyoung's casting, perhaps even with connections to Insomniac's universe if Sony really wants some sort of multiversal connections. Also, Negative's Darkforce and Lightforce powers wouldn't make Spider-Man 4 feel like a downgrade from No Way Home by any stretch of the imagination, and the duality of his character would make for a deeply compelling and multi-dimensional foe. Likewise, Mister Negative and his inner battle between the light and dark would blend perfectly in with the Symbiote Saga teased for Spider-Man at the end of No Way Home.
Why Mister Negative Could Be A Better Spider-Man 4 Villain Choice Than Kingpin Or Venom Kingpin and Venom May Need More Setup Close While they've both been rumored and hoped for as upcoming Spider-Man villains, Kingpin and Venom could ideally do with some additional setup before Spider-Man 4. After all, Kingpin is on his way to becoming the MCU's Mayor of New York, and he'll likely have to face Daredevil and perhaps even Punisher before setting his sights on more New York heroes such as Spider-Man. Likewise, Tom Hardy's Venom currently exists in another reality apart from the MCU, even though a piece of his symbiote was left behind for someone to bond with, perhaps Peter Parker himself at some point.
As such, it does seem as though some additional steps need to be taken before either villain faces Spider-Man. This makes Stephen Oyoung's Mister Negative a prime candidate for Spider-Man 4 in the interim. It's also worth noting Mister Negative does have connections to both Wilson Fisk's Kingpin and Eddie Brock's Venom in the comics, dynamics which could be tweaked and adapted to generate future narrative in the MCU beyond Spider-Man 4.
Source: Twitter/@CultureCrave
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