The Marvels Movie Photos Reveal HD Look at X-Men’s Beast Cameo

Fans revisiting Marvel Studios" The Marvels got the clearest look yet at the MCU sequel"s highly-discussed X-Men cameo - Kelsey Grammer"s Beast.
Grammer became the talk of the MCU fandom after his Beast made a surprise appearance in The Marvels" post-credits sequence - his first time playing the role since an uncredited showing in 2014"s X-Men: Days of Future Past.
As shown by concept art released after the MCU"s 33rd film premiered, this was the first time Beast was fully developed with CGI, giving the hero a new fresh look as he took part in his first film under the Marvel Studios umbrella.
Best Look Yet at Beast in The MarvelsAs The Marvels became available for purchase online on VOD and Disney+, fans got a chance to revisit the film"s post-credits scene, which introduced Kelsey Grammer"s Beast into the MCU thanks to a Multiversal cameo.
Marvel StudiosHis appearance came as part of a moment where Monica Rambeau was transported to an alternate reality through a rip in space-time, winding up in a hospital with the classic X-Man as well as a different version of her mother, Maria.
This tie between Captain Marvel and the X-Men was something producer Mary Livanos had wanted to see happen as she confirmed the sequel took cues from similar events seen in Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum"s Uncanny X-Men run.
Marvel StudiosGrammer"s Dr. Hank McCoy is seen in all his glory during this short post-credits scene, complete with a set of fangs protruding from his bottom lip, pointed ears, the classic beard, and the pronounced blue skin and hair seen in Marvel Comics.
Marvel StudiosBeast"s appearance was something director Nia DaCosta fought for with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, with the exec telling her that they had to be "very calm about this and be measured adults" about the inclusion:
"Okay, so Kevin and I, it’s one of our fights. I really wanted- [laughs] I really was pushing so much X-Men. And he was like, ‘We have to just be very calm about this and be measured adults,’ which is why he’s the boss, you know what I mean?"
And while DaCosta joked about being "reined in" due to her passion for the franchise, she celebrated getting "a mutant in the movie" along with a couple of other Easter eggs that made it into the story:
"He knows better than I do and I’m a big nerd who needs to be reined in, so, um- But there are a couple. Of course, we have a Mutant in the movie, so that’s amazing. And then I got, you know, maybe I got my little Easter eggs as well."
Marvel StudiosFor comparison, below is a look at Grammer in his last full appearance as Dr. Hank McCoy/Beast, which came in 2006"s X-Men: The Last Stand, compared to his design in The Marvels:
20th Century Fox, Marvel StudiosWhen Will Beast Return After The Marvels?Should Kelsey Grammer have his way, it won"t be long before Hank McCoy returns to the MCU, as he told The Wrap in November that he has a "certain amount of confidence" fans will see him play the role again while praising his cultural impact:
"It is my hope that you will [see him again]. I can say with a certain amount of confidence that you will. I would love to. I’ve always wanted to play him again. I see him as an extraordinary character, a real character of gravitas and importance in our culture. I’m delighted Beast is back and hope he’s back in a real way."
The big mystery now is when fans could see Grammar back in the MCU, now being the second X-Men hero to return after Patrick Stewart reprised his role as Professor X in 2022"s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.
The easiest and closest place would be this year"s Deadpool 3, which is already bringing Hugh Jackman back as Wolverine along with over half a dozen other characters from Fox"s Deadpool duology. 
With the Multiverse reportedly playing a big role in that film, it wouldn"t be a stretch to have Beast join the fray as part of the first big wave of mutants to join the MCU.
Outside of that threequel, the next logical option would be 2027"s Avengers: Secret Wars, which Marvel reportedly has ambitions to make the biggest superhero crossover movie in history.
And with that rumor teasing "several X-Men cast members" being looked at for roles, Grammer will surely be an option after his time in The Marvels made such a big impact on the MCU.
The Marvels is now available to purchase digitally on online platforms and stream on Disney+.


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