11 Superhero Movies That Made You Root For The Bad Guys

  • Some villains in superhero movies are so compelling, audiences find themselves rooting for their success despite reprehensible actions.
  • Films like "The Suicide Squad" and "Black Panther" humanize their antagonists, making their motives and actions more empathetic to viewers.
  • Even classic superhero flicks like "The Avengers" show that villains like Loki can be too charming to hate, adding depth to the hero-villain dynamic.
Plenty of superhero movies are happy to invert the classic tropes of right and wrong, resulting in some villains that are hard not to root for. From the tonal rollercoaster of the original Batman quadrilogy to the consistent quality of the films of the MCU, superhero movies often rely on their antagonists just as much as their heroes. It's not enough for a great protagonist to exist in a vacuum, and most comic books adapted for screen are shaped by the actions of their villains.
It's not entirely uncommon for audiences to find themselves rooting for the villain's success, even if the means to their ends are utterly reprehensible. This can be by design, as per the example of numerous comic book movies which turn the villain into a perspective character, like Joker or The Suicide Squad. Other times, the audience becomes more accidentally attached to the villain, either by sheer force of charisma, as in the case of the MCU's best villains, or by virtue of the antagonist having a genuine point.


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