DCEU Villain Actor Reportedly Joins The Batman Spinoff The Penguin

  • The Penguin may have cast Mark Strong, a former DCEU villain, for an exciting role.
  • Strong, known for his work in Shazam!, was trained for The Penguin by Giacomo Farci, something Farci stated in an Instagram post.
  • Warner Bros. TV, Max, and DC Studios have not officially confirmed Strong's involvement yet.
The Penguin TV show has reportedly cast a former DCEU villain actor for the upcoming The Batman spinoff series. Matt Reeves' The Batman universe is expanding following the massively successful 2022 movie starring Robert Pattinson. While its sequel is a few years out, the sub-franchise is growing on the small screen in the form of The Penguin TV show, with Colin Farrell returning as the titular villain.
While The Penguin cast wrapped filming on the first season back in February, it appears another actor has joined the upcoming Max drama. An Instagram post from Giacomo Farci has recently gained new traction online. He shared an image of Mark Strong and revealed that he is working with the former Shazam! star.
However, what is standing out the most is his answer to one user, who asked whether he worked on The Penguin. Farci responded with "Yes, I've trained Mark for it." At the time of this story's publication, Warner Bros. TV, Max, and DC Studios have yet to confirm or announce Strong's involvement with The Penguin.


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