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Following X-Men "97"s two-episode premiere on Disney+, when should fans expect Episode 3 and the series" remaining episodes? 
A continuation of the acclaimed X-Men: The Animated Series from the 1990s, X-Men "97"s 10-episode season is not MCU canon. Still, it stands as Marvel Studios" first official foray into X-Men storytelling. 
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What Is X-Men "97"s Season 1 Schedule? MarvelEpisode 3 of X-Men "97 will be released on Wednesday, March 27 at 3 a.m. ET / 12 a.m. PT on Disney+.
The animated series" remaining episodes will follow a weekly release schedule, continuing to drop at 3 a.m. ET. on Wednesdays on the Disney streamer.
The season"s remaining schedule is as follows:
  • Episode 3 - March 27
  • Episode 4 - April 3
  • Episode 5 - April 10
  • Episode 6 - April 17
  • Episode 7 - April 24
  • Episode 8 - May 1
  • Episode 9 - May 8
  • Episode 10 - May 15
While Episodes 8-10 will be released in three separate weeks, Marvel Studios confirmed those episodes will be a three-part finale titled "Tolerance is Extinction."
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What"s in Store Episode 3 of X-Men "97 & Beyond?While X-Men "97"s first two episodes are streaming now on Disney+, reviews from critics who viewed Episodes 1-3 in advance were overwhelmingly positive, suggesting Episode 3 will continue to meet expectations. 
But apart from the show"s nostalgic appeal and its success in reviving a decades-old project, the real test is how X-Men "97 performs with Disney+ subscribers. 
Not only does the show exist outside of MCU canon, but it may be unfamiliar to younger audiences. 
The next few weeks will be telling. 
For those concerned with how the MCU intends to bring the X-Men into live-action, the fact Marvel Studios embraced X-Men: The Animated Series and successfully recaptured its genius bodes well for the studio"s vision for its mutant future.
Episode 3 of X-Men "97 premieres on Wednesday, March 27 on Disney+.


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