Loki Season 2: Tom Hiddleston Attacks TVA Agent In Extended Footage

It looks like Loki and the TVA aren"t getting along any better in Loki"s second season, as a new video features him beating up some of the organization"s henchmen.
The TVA, also known as the Time Variance Authority, was a group first introduced in 2021"s hit Marvel Studios Disney+ series. The mysterious Multiveral bureau, overseen by Jonathan Majors" He Who Remains (aka Kang the Conqueror), governed over what was once called the Sacred Timeline, which they were doing their best to keep from branching into infinite alternate realities.
Naturally, they failed.
But while the Multiverse is free, the TVA seems to still be alive and kicking in Loki Season 2.
Loki vs. The TVAA new promo, via Covered Geekly, shows off fresh footage from Loki Season 2, where the titular trickster is holding his own against some enemies.
Marvel StudiosThe bad guys in question are none other than the TVA, who featured prominently in the series" first season.
Marvel StudiosThis scene was actually already seen in a promotional video from early February. However, the original cropped ratio kept the identity of Tom Hiddleston"s attackers a secret.
Marvel StudiosWhile Loki doesn"t seem to show off any new abilities in the brief new footage, fans need not worry—he"ll have plenty of new tricks at his disposal.
The Loki footage in this new promo can be watched below:
Back in December 2022, the series gave fans a brief glimpse of what looks like Loki using his duplication casting powers.
Marvel StudiosAs the God of Mischief pointed out in Episode 2 of Season 1, this new duplication trick (provided that"s what"s being pictured) is actually different than his usual illusions:
"Illusion projection involves depicting a detailed image from outside oneself which is perceptible in the external world whereas duplication casting entails recreating an exact facsimile of one"s own body in its present circumstance which acts as a true holographic mirror of its molecular structure."
Of course, there"s always a chance those extra Lokis are Variants, given the show"s subject matter—but that doesn"t feel right. After all, if that was the case, everyone seems to be getting along with each other far too well.
The Many Facets of Loki LaufeysonTom Hiddleston is no doubt having a blast exploring all of these unseen abilities and quirks of this character that he first originated all the way back in 2011. Twelve years later, somehow, the God of Mischief still has more up his sleeve.
It makes one wonder what other surprises he might have ready for his sophomore run.
However, this new batch of episodes still presents a big mystery: what is the TVA up to? 
If the Sacred Timeline is busted, and the Multiverse past the point of no return, what exactly do they exist for? And why is Loki defending himself against them?
But, where the TVA goes, Kang follows—so surely there will still be a connection between the timeline protecting bureau and the Multiverse Saga"s big bad.
It"s already confirmed that Jonathan Majors will show up in Season 2, so Kang will play into the story somehow.
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania"s second post-credits scene showcased at least one Variant, Victor Timely, who"ll be joining the fun.
Sadly, fans will have to wait until Loki Season 2 premieres to find out, which will be at some point before the end of the year.


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