Disney+'s X-Men Reboot: First Merch for Magneto Revealed (Photos)

The first piece of X-Men "97-themed merch gives fans the opportunity to flex their mutant muscles as Magneto ahead of the Disney+ reboot.
After years away from the spotlight, X-Men "97 will reintroduce audiences to the world of Marvel"s most famous mutants, following up on the success of the beloved 1990"s cartoon, X-Men: The Animated Series
This time around though, things will look a little different. Some iconic names that have traditionally been villains in this animated world will now join the titular X-Men team in earnest. 
The series will focus on a world that is experiencing a "wave of increased sympathy towards mutants and understanding," and - following the death of Professor X - has the X-Men wondering "what does [the] future hold for us,"
New X-Men Merchandise Revealed HasbroHasbro (via io9) revealed the first piece of merchandise for the upcoming animated MCU series X-Men "97
HasbroJoining Hasbro"s Marvel Legends Role Play line is a wearable recreation of the Magneto helmet that will be seen in X-Men "97.
HasbroThe helmet sports series-accurate colors, being bright red with purple accents, and it is fully wearable for anyone who wants to play superhero at home. 
HasbroThe Magneto helmet comes with a stylized stand for storage and display purposes with an eye-catching black base. 
HasbroPre-orders for Hasbro"s latest X-Men release go up at 1 p.m. ET on Friday, May 19, and has an MSRP of $100 USD. 
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