Superman Legacy"s New Jimmy Olsen Got Wonder Woman Approval 4 Months Ago

  • Skyler Gisondo, the newly cast Jimmy Olsen in James Gunn's DC Universe, received the blessing of original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, months before the official announcement.
  • The upcoming DC Universe movie, Superman: Legacy, is set to start production in 2024 and has been generating casting news; those online highlighted Carter's endorsement as significant.
  • The future of Wonder Woman in the DC Universe remains uncertain, with conflicting reports about Gal Gadot's involvement.
Superman: Legacy star Skyler Gisondo, who was recently cast as Jimmy Olsen for James Gunn's DC Universe, had the blessing of the original live-action Wonder Woman herself several months ago. As Warner Bros. Discovery is bidding farewell to the DCEU timeline this year, they are already working hard on their new DC Universe under the leadership of Gunn and Peter Safran as part of DC Studios. The first DC Universe movie that is currently in the works is Superman: Legacy, which Gunn wrote and is set to direct, featuring David Corenswet as the latest actor to play the Man of Steel.
With Superman: Legacy set to start production in 2024, casting news has been emerging, and one of the latest additions is Gisondo as Jimmy Olsen. However, it appears the original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, was already in favor of him before the November announcement. He was rumored for the role during the SAG-AFTRA strike, which ended recently.
Justin Carter was one of several people to notice Carter's tweet from July, adding that "this is the only endorsement that matters, idc [I don't care]"
James Whitbrook shared similar thoughts, as they jokingly added, "Wonder Woman wandering into the Daily Planet in Superman: Legacy." Time will tell if other actors will be added to Superman: Legacy, as Gunn has stated on Instagram they are starting to run out of roles to announce at this point, meaning they are almost done casting.


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