Tom Welling Superman"s 10 Most Impressive Displays Of Power On Smallville

  • Clark's powers and abilities in Smallville were awe-inspiring, as he fought against major villains and constantly evolved his powers.
  • Smallville showcased Clark's wide array of powers, including super speed, heat vision, freeze breath, and invulnerability, making him the most powerful member of the Justice League.
  • Some of Clark's most remarkable displays of power included leaping tall buildings, tunneling through the ground, crushing coal into diamond, and pushing away an entire planet to save the Earth.
Tom Welling's Superman showed great abilities in Smallville, and some of the times Clark Kent used his powers were quite awe-inspiring. Welling played Clark for all of Smallville's ten seasons, and while the DC series only saw him become Superman in its very final episode, Clark fought plenty of Superman's major villains from the comics over the years. Some of Smallville's best villains include Doomsday, Darkseid, General Zod, and, obviously, Michael Rosenbaum's Lex Luthor. Every villain brought out a different side of Clark, who had to keep evolving his powers to stop each new foe.
Thankfully, Clark had a wide array of powers to pull from to keep Smallville, Metropolis, and the whole world safe. Clark's powers included super speed, heat vision, super hearing, freeze breath, invulnerability, and many more. Those abilities made Welling's version of Clark Kent quite formidable, with the hero being easily the most powerful member of Smallville's Justice League, standing a step above characters like Impulse and Aquaman. While Clark had some of his powers already from the start of the series, the hero slowly developed them or learned new abilities as the seasons went by, and with that came some truly amazing displays of power.
Clark Leaps Tall Buildings In A Single Bound Season 8, Episodes 6, 17 & Season 9, Episode 12 Before he could fly in the comics, Superman was known to "leap tall buildings in a single bound," which also holds true for Smallville. The series had a strict "No tights, no flights" rule to keep the focus on Clark's journey to become Superman and not on his destination, which kept flight scenes to a minimum. In the later seasons of Smallville, Clark moved from his small hometown to Metropolis, with the cityscape allowing him to jump to the top of buildings on multiple occasions. Clark was seen leaping to the top of buildings to investigate, meet Zatanna, save a falling Chloe, and more.
Clark Tunnels Through A Hole Underground And Sends Someone Flying Season 6, Episode 9 Smallville saw a few unconventional uses of Clark's powers, and one such instance was when Clark fought with someone underground. Clark fights Jed McNally, who is forcing immigrants to work on his farm and traps them with his powers to open tunnels in the ground. After getting pulled underground by McNally, Clark digs his own tunnel at super speed and punches the villain so hard that he goes flying from the hole and lands on the surface. The scene shows that Clark is as much of a threat underground as he is anywhere else.


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