Zack Snyder’s Reason For Making Batman V Superman Makes It Even Weirder The DCEU Never Got A Solo Batman Movie

  • Batman's absence from a solo movie in the DCEU is strange given his importance; studio drama caused the missed opportunity.
  • Zack Snyder's vision for intertwining Batman with Superman in the DCEU universe was pivotal, but not fully explored.
  • The missing Batman movie leaves a gap in the DCEU, allowing for deeper exploration of Batman's mythology in the new DCU.
Strangely, the DCEU never got a solo Batman movie, even though the Caped Crusader was a big reason Zack Snyder decided to make Batman v Superman in the first place. Ben Affleck's Batman first appeared in Batman v Superman as an adversary to Superman, and appeared in multiple movies after that, including Suicide Squad, Justice League, and The Flash. After a decade of the DCEU, the Gotham side of the universe was relatively unexplored as Batman was relegated to the sidelines.
Batman has always been an integral part of the DCEU since he first appeared in the universe's second film. Unfortunately, Batman was never quite explored in the ways Zack Snyder planned, as Snyder's vision for the universe was cut short. Director Zack Snyder recently did an interview with GQ and explained why Batman v Superman was the follow-up to Man of Steel instead of a standard Superman sequel. His comments position Bruce Wayne as an important character for the entirety of the DCEU. Here is his full quote about the topic:
Once you talk about the fact that Bruce Wayne exists in the same world as Superman, right? Then you are into a Batman concept. You have to finish that thought. Now, Man of Steel 2, if you were to make it, you know with Brainiac or whatever you're gonna do, which it certainly could have been...and maybe that's it, you hold it off for a movie, and that's possible. I just felt like I needed to know what Bruce's take on this was, like, Bruce's take on the near-destruction of the world. And it really depends on how important you think Batman is in the Trinity.


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