Spider-Man 2 PS5 Merch Confirms Multiverse Plot in Game

While Insomniac Games and PlayStation"s Spider-Man 2 is expected to continue the story of the first game and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a new description of official merchandise may have teased the PS5 game"s connection to the Multiverse.
After the successful release of Marvel"s Spider-Man, the anticipation is sky-high for its sequel. Marketing has yet to ramp up, but its first trailer teased some story details, such as the inclusion of Kraven the Hunter and Venom. 
Ahead of its potential release this September, an interesting story detail might have been spoiled.
PS5’s Spider-Man 2 Confirmed to Have Multiverse Connections MarvelComic Book Resources (CBR) officially revealed a new Marvel Legends figure of Insomniac Games" Miles Morales alongside an intriguing product description that connects the game to the Multiverse. 
The description described Miles as the "newest Spider-Man" who "discovers allies and enemies across the Multiverse– and at home in New York” while working with his mentor, Peter Parker. 
The six-inch scale figure comes with seven interchangeable accessories, including web-slinging "Venom Power" electrified hands.
This isn"t the first time that Marvel"s Spider-Man has been tied to Spider-Verse-related properties since PlayStation"s Spider-Man already appeared (briefly) in the latest trailer of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
Sony PicturesIn 2018"s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the main Spider-Man suit that Peter Parker wears in the video game appears in the background of a shot from the animated movie: 
Sony PicturesMoreover, PlayStation"s Spider-Man also appeared alongside other Spider-Man Variants in the Spider-Geddon crossover comic book story by Christos Gage:
MarvelInsomniac Games is no stranger to Multiversal topics, having recently explored the concept in their previous PlayStation 5 release Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. If Marvel"s Spider-Man 2 is set to include Multiversal ties, it"s possible that the developer may borrow elements of what they learned from the Lombax"s adventure over to Peter and Miles" story.
How Will the Multiverse Affect Spider-Man 2’s Story?This latest reveal about PS5"s Spider-Man 2 could showcase massive implications for its story and the rest of Spider-Verse-related projects.
It’s possible that Spider-Man 2 could reference the events of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse through bits of dialogue, potentially during cutscenes or in-game conversations between Peter Parker and Miles Morales.
However, given that the official description confirmed that Miles Morales is the one who discovers “allies and enemies” from the Multiverse, it is likely that the concept of alternate realities will first be discovered by the young hero before leading to the reveal that Peter is aware of its existence.
Moreover, Venom serving as the main villain of Spider-Man 2 could be the key to finding out the secrets of the Multiverse in the game’s story.
In Venom: Let There Be Carnage"s post-credits scene, Venom told Eddie that he is connected to a larger hive mind, indicating that he’s aware of other universes within the Multiverse.
The Venom symbiote who appears in the PS5 game could also be aware of the Multiverse, allowing him to use his knowledge of it to tap into alternate realities somehow to make the battle harder for the two Spider-Men. 
Who knows? Some iconic Variants of Spider-Men could show up in the final battle of the highly-anticipated video game to level the playing field against Venom.
Spider-Man 2 is anticipated to release via PlayStation this September.


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