Deadpool 3: Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Return & Role Explained

Deadpool 3"s trailer unveiled the first official footage of Hugh Jackman"s return as Wolverine, giving a glimpse of his role in the upcoming Marvel threequel. 
In September 2022, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds surprised everyone when he confirmed Jackman"s comeback as the iconic X-Men hero in Deadpool 3, marking the first time that the actor will reprise the role since 2017"s Logan.
Jackman has been active in providing an update about his progress for his eventual Wolverine comeback, sharing training photos and even spoiling his character"s dynamic with Wade Wilson. 
Deadpool 3 Trailer Showcases Hugh Jackman"s Wolverine As part of Deadpool 3"s trailer, glimpses of Hugh Jackman"s Wolverine were sprinkled throughout the threequel"s first footage. 
At the 1:20 mark, Ryan Reynolds" Deadpool can be seen approaching Wolverine inside a casino. 
The brief look shows the X-Men hero wearing something formal, and he seems to be playing a game of poker alongside his peers.
Marvel StudiosThe trailer ends with Deadpool lying on the ground before Wolverine approaches him, with the shot showcasing a silhouette of his iconic adamantium claws.
Marvel StudiosWolverine then stabs Deadpool with his claws before the trailer cuts to black to reveal the threequel"s title, Deadpool & Wolverine.
Marvel StudiosThe trailer can be seen below: 
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