Marvel Studios Just Upgraded Bullseye's Costume for MCU Reboot (Photos)

MCU fans got their first look at Bullseye"s new costume in Daredevil"s upcoming solo series set for release on Disney+.
Marvel shocked the fandom by announcing Wilson Bethel’s return to the role of Bullseye in the MCU’s upcoming Daredevil: Born Again series, adding him as another antagonist alongside Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk.
Following the confirmation that Netflix’s Daredevil and the other Defenders Saga series are now officially canon with the MCU, fans are eagerly awaiting the continuation of Bullseye’s story opposite the show’s titular hero.
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Bullseye Costume Shown in Daredevil Set PhotosJust Jared shared new set photos from Marvel Studios" Daredevil: Born Again production in Brooklyn that showed the first look at Wilson Bethel"s Bullseye in his brand-new costume in the Disney+ series.
Show on X from user @DDevilUpdates, Bethel is seen in a dark blue full-body tactical suit walking through the streets of Hell"s Kitchen, and he"s also holding a long-barrelled pistol with a silencer in his right hand.
Other photos show him fighting Charlie Cox"s Daredevil in the street, with Cox also seen in his new upgraded costume after fans got a new look at his bold red threads in his return to the MCU.
The suit upgrade pays some inspiration to Bullseye"s classic blue look from Marvel Comics:
Marvel ComicsBethel’s Benjamin “Dex” Poindexter served as a secondary villain next to Vincent D"Onofrio"s Kingpin in Daredevil Season 3, impersonating Daredevil for a time and framing the titular hero for numerous crimes.
By the end of the season, he turns on Kingpin, leading the two to duke it out before D’Onofrio’s antagonist damages Poindexter"s spine and paralyzes him. Poindexter"s final scenes in the Netflix series showed him accepting an experimental, risky surgery that would put Cogmium steel reinforcement in his spine.
NetflixWhat Will Happen With Bullseye in Daredevil: Born Again?With Bullseye now officially joining the MCU straight from the Daredevil show on Netflix, fans will be excited to see exactly how his story continues after his last appearance in 2018.
These new set photos show there will be no love lost between the classic hero/villain pair as Bullseye looks to flex his newfound muscle against Matt Murdock in Charlie Cox"s first Marvel Studios solo project.
2024’s Echo also set up Wilson Fisk’s upcoming quest to be the mayor of New York City, and Bullseye will unquestionably have his sights set on revenge for the injuries and humiliation he suffered at the Kingpin"s hands.
But with so many changes to the story being worked into the show following the change in writing staff, plenty of questions regarding Bullseye are still in play as fans wait to see what"s in store for his return.
Daredevil: Born Again is currently filming, but its release on Disney+ was delayed indefinitely.


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