Superman Or Lex Luthor: Who Nicholas Hoult Should Play In DC"s New Movie

Nicholas Hoult is rumored to play either Superman or Lex Luthor in Superman: Legacy, but one character suits his talents particularly well. Under the newly formed DC Studios, Superman: Legacy is set to be the kick-off movie of the DCU, with the movie hitting theaters on July 11, 2025, and DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn is writing and directing the film. Casting is underway for the movie, with numerous names in contention to play Superman.
Among those reportedly under consideration to portray Superman is Nicholas Hoult, but rumors of his involvement in Superman: Legacy are unusually complex, with Hoult also being rumored to play Lex Luthor in the film. With Superman: Legacy's frontrunners including David Corenswet, Tom Brittney, and Andrew Richardson alongside Hoult, the latter's attachment to the project is the most open to speculation and theorizing. With that said, Hoult's preceding career and some other factors suggest that he would be best suited to play Lex Luthor in Superman: Legacy.


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