Gray Jedi Were Set Up In Star Wars Canon As Far Back As 2015

Star Wars canon teased the possibility of Gray Jedi back in 2015, which raises whether Lucasfilm will explore the concept in the movies. The term is popularly used to describe Jedi that don't fully align with the traditional views of the Jedi Order or who dabble in both sides of the Force without being corrupted by the dark. Qui-Gon Jinn is commonly cited as a Gray Jedi due to his views on the Jedi Code, as is Ahsoka Tano for having left the Jedi Order. While the term itself made a few appearances in the Star Wars Legends continuity, the Gray Jedi have yet to be officially referenced in canon.
It's worth noting that the Lucasfilm Story Group has never embraced the term, believing that Gray Jedi can't be canon for misunderstanding balance as described by George Lucas. Matt Martin claimed that the concept was devised by fans and that trying to control the dark side without being corrupted goes against what Star Wars is about. However, when defined as a renegade Jedi, the term applies remarkably well to a few characters throughout Star Wars. Combined with the canon setup for Gray Jedi back in 2015, Lucasfilm may seriously consider the idea for future Star Wars projects.


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