Admiral Janeway Needs Tom Paris Now As Much As Star Trek Voyager

Admiral Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) will need the skills of her Star Trek: Voyager top gun pilot Lt. Tom Paris (Robert Duncan MacNeill) for an upcoming rescue mission. Having known Tom since he was a kid, Janeway gave him a second chance when the USS Voyager headed out to the Badlands to investigate a missing Maquis vessel. Tom Paris' time on USS Voyager was the making of him, and despite several interpersonal conflicts, a demotion then promotion, Paris remained one of Janeway's most trusted crew members.
Star Trek: Prodigy brings the story of Janeway and Voyager full circle, as she sets out into the Delta Quadrant to investigate the loss of Captain Chakotay (Robert Beltran). It was revealed in the Prodigy season 1 finale that Chakotay and his crew are trapped in an alternate future. This sets up a brand-new voyage into the unknown for Janeway and her young crew in Prodigy season 2. It's a huge undertaking that could require the assistance of Voyager legends like Tom Paris.


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