The New Republic"s Mandalorian Season 3 Failure Was Even Worse Than You Thought

  • The New Republic's weakness and disarmament allowed the Empire's remnants to secretly regroup, posing a threat to galactic peace and stability.
  • Nevarro's location on or near the Hydian Way, a crucial trade route, makes the New Republic's decision to abandon it to pirate attacks highly questionable.
  • The New Republic's inability to protect the galaxy is evident, with their overextension and historical ties to smugglers and pirates contributing to their weaknesses. Grand Admiral Thrawn can exploit these weaknesses with his knowledge of interdictor technology.
The New Republic's failure in The Mandalorian season 3 was even worse than most viewers realized. The Empire's defeat at the Battle of Endor was a decisive one, but the regime remained a galactic power for a full year, struggling against a fledgling New Republic. It was only after the Battle of Jakku that the Empire truly fell, with a peace treaty signed on the ecumenopolis of Coruscant.
The Star Wars galaxy had only known war and repression for decades, and the New Republic was eager to find peace. Chancellor Mon Mothma was particularly wary of the New Republic becoming a military power; she had been wary of the creation of the Grand Army of the Republic before the Clone Wars, and she was eager to restore what she saw as a semblance of normalcy. This led to disarmament, which proved unwise given the Empire was not truly defeated; its shattered remnants were secretly organized by an Imperial Shadow Council, and it awaited the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn. The New Republic's weakness was displayed in The Mandalorian season 3, when Coruscanti politicians chose not to intervene in a pirate attack on Nevarro - a critical mistake.


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