Lucasfilm"s Massive Shake-Up Is Good News For Ahsoka Season 2

  • Dave Filoni's promotion as Chief Creative Officer at Lucasfilm proves that the studio and Disney have great faith in his vision for Star Wars, which is excellent news for the future of Ahsoka season 2.
  • Filoni is already working on ideas for Ahsoka season 2, and with his new role at Lucasfilm, a second season is likely on the horizon. Fans should expect to see the resolution of major storylines and cliffhangers that were left hanging in the first season finale.
  • With Filoni overseeing all Star Wars projects, including Ahsoka, there is now an overarching vision being put in place for the future. This provides hope for the success and quality of Ahsoka season 2 and beyond in the Star Wars galaxy.
The newest shake-up at Lucasfilm is great news for Ahsoka season 2. Thanks to Dave Filoni's brand-new role overseeing the Star Wars franchise, it appears as though an overarching vision is being put in place for the future. As such, this should be great news for the future of Ahsoka considering the success of its first season.
It's recently been reported that writer, director, and showrunner Dave Filoni has been promoted to Lucasfilm's Chief Creative Officer in charge of overseeing all Star Wars content. As such, Filoni will now be offering key insight and advice on all Star Wars projects being developed by Lucasfilm, not unlike Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige. As such, this should prove to be very good news regarding Ahsoka season 2.


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