In 11 Years, Disney Has Introduced 7 New Lightsaber Types To Star Wars

  • Disney has introduced 7 new types of lightsabers, almost doubling the amount from before their ownership, adding variety to the Star Wars franchise.
  • Each lightsaber has unique characteristics, from metal crossguards to cracked kyber crystals, adding lore and personality to the stories.
  • Lightsabers have made their way into various Star Wars media, including movies, TV shows, and even VR games, providing fans with a wide range of options to explore.
In all the years that Disney has owned the Star Wars franchise, there have been 7 new types of lightsabers introduced to the galaxy. This has almost doubled the amount introduced before Disney purchased the franchise from George Lucas. Some of these lightsabers are simple, similar to the weapons introduced in the original Star Wars trilogy, and others are much more unique - from the lightsabers' colors to their hilts. Regardless of how flashy, each of these civilized weapons has changed the game in one way or another, adding lore and personality to the stories surrounding them.
After Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars in 2012, many additions have been made to the franchise. With new lightsabers, new characters, a new trilogy, and even new Star Wars TV shows, there is a lot to get into. These 7 lightsaber types are included among them, all of which have been introduced in various movies, TV shows, and other media.


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