What Spider-Man Would"ve Been Like As An Arrowverse Show Revealed By Spot-On Marvel Video

  • A hilarious TikTok video pitches what a Spider-Man series from the 2000s on The CW would have looked like.
  • The video lovingly riffs on the clichés present throughout the Arrowverse.
  • Multiple live-action Spider-Man TV shows are in development, including a Spider-Man Noir series and a series focusing on Cindy Moon/Silk.
Spider-Man gets the Arrowverse treatment as a hilarious Marvel video pitches how a TV show on The CW would have looked like for Peter Parker. Since the early 2000s, Spider-Man has been reimagined numerous times in the world of live-action. From Tobey Maguire to Andrew Garfield to Tom Holland, Spider-Man's media history has only gotten bigger as time goes on.
As Spider-Man continues to be one of pop culture's most beloved heroes, the Marvel audience always finds new ways to celebrate the web-slinger. TikTok creator Spencer Yang shared a hilarious Spider-Man sketch, imagined as a CW series influenced by the Arrowverse TV shows.
Pitched as a Spider-Man series from the 2000s on The CW, the video follows Peter as a crime fighter, going through various famous scenarios for the character. The TikTok video is also heavily inspired by Grant Gustin's The Flash TV show, as Peter does his own version of the "My name is Barry Allen..." monologue that he did at the start of each episode in the earlier seasons.
Related Spider-Man's Complete MCU Timeline Explained Tom Holland joined the MCU as Spider-Man in 2016's Captain America: Civil War, and has since become one of the MCU's most important superheroes. What Is Next For Spider-Man In Live-Action? Close There are multiple Spider-Man films in the works, including a Spider-Man 4 movie for Holland, which Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures will co-create. Long-time Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal also shared in 2023 that a Miles Morales live-action film is also being worked at, although no updates have emerged lately. While it was never confirmed or denied, Spider-Man 3 star Thomas Haden Church stated in 2023 that he had heard rumors about Sony Pictures considering revisiting Sam Raimi's franchise by making Spider-Man 4 with Tobey Maguire.
Related 5 Reasons Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man 4 Must Happen Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man finally returned in Spider-Man: No Way Home, but his story must continue in a Raimi-directed Spider-Man 4. MGM+ and Prime Video are currently developing multiple live-action Spider-Man TV shows, with Spider-Verse producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller attached. Even though it won't be Peter behind the mask, a Spider-Man Noir TV show is one of the announced projects that is in the works, with a new character donning the mantle. Cindy Moon, a huge player in Spider-Man mythology, is set to lead her own series, too, through Silk: Spider Society.
Time will tell what else Sony has planned for Spider-Man in live-action, whether that is in the MCU, Sony's Spider-Man Universe, or the upcoming TV franchise. With 2024 having just started, Sony will likely have more to announce as the year goes on, especially after the Hollywood strikes in 2023 came to an end. Hopefully, more exciting updates for Spider-Man in live-action will emerge sooner rather than later.
Source: Spencer Yang/TikTok


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