Angry MCU Fans Dislike-Bomb Captain Marvel 2's New Trailer

The new trailer for The Marvels received a large number of dislikes from fans since being posted online.
Some recent MCU projects like Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk have been subjected to discriminatory hate from a group of fans.
To express their opinions, these people often resort to review-bombing a movie or television series - sometimes even dislike-bomb a project"s trailer on YouTube - in an attempt to make its overall score lower.
Fans Dislike-Bomb The Marvels Trailer MarvelA new trailer for The Marvels was recently released, and since it publicly hit platforms such as YouTube, angry fans dislike-bombed it as a form of protest.
The trailer, which garnered 7.6M views in just 11 hours, received 214K dislikes on Marvel Entertainment"s YouTube channel, compared to 318K likes.
YouTubeMany fans that are review-bombing The Marvels" trailer seem to be attempting to make a political statement, expressing that Marvel Studios is "woke" due to the film revolving around three female heroes.
One comment on the YouTube post comes from __THE_UFO__, claiming that the footage is full of "wokeness:"
"With great wokeness comes great brokeness and fatigue."
YouTube user lordsith8319 also expressed their anger, saying, "Excellent just what nobody wanted."
Imprime spitefully expressed their hope for the film to "flop:"
"Barely made it through the trailer. Can’t wait for the reviews when it flops, it will be hilarious."
These fans may claim that they are fairly flooding the trailer because they genuinely think that the quality is bad. However, other trailers that have been criticized such as Shazam! Fury of the Gods and Morbius did not get nearly as many dislikes on YouTube.
For example, the trailer for Shazam 2 wasn"t necessarily seen as a great teaser, only received 11K dislikes on the video platform despite it having 18M views.
YouTubeThe trailer for Morbius, which was one of the most criticized comic book films of the past 20 years, also only received 11K dislikes with 24M views on the video.
YouTubeShe-Hulk: Attorney at Law also suffered the same dislike-bombing that The Marvels currently is. Its trailer on YouTube received 302K dislikes with 25M views.
YouTubeIt is important to remember that She-Hulk also received a lot of backlash during its marketing campaign for the same reasons The Marvels is - fans claiming political "wokeness."
Unfair Hate for Groundbreaking MCU ProjectsIt is safe to say that the group of fans who are dislike-bombing the new trailer for The Marvels are simply just trying to make a statement instead of fairly praising or criticizing the content that is being produced.
Unfortunately, just like She-Hulk, the project is being set up to fail by fans who now view the MCU through a biased political lens.
This not only continues to build a stronger barrier between fans of the franchise but also unfairly impacts all of the hardworking people that are making The Marvels possible.
Instead of celebrating the fact that three powerful characters will be on-screen together and have the potential to deliver a compelling story, some fans have already decided to bury the film and tarnish its legacy before it even gets a chance.
The Marvels is set to be released in theaters on November 10.


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