Disney Fired Marvel Studios President, Reveals New Report

After Victoria Alonso, one of the MCU"s top creatives, vacated her position at Marvel Studios, new details were revealed about what actually happened between her and Disney.
It’s no secret that Marvel Studios has had some struggles to start off 2023. Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania opened to less-than-desirable results critically and financially while a number of delays reportedly hit some of Phase 5’s new series coming to Disney+.
Some of that came to a head in recent days when top Marvel Studios executive Victoria Alonso left her position with the studio, ending a 17-year run alongside the MCU’s top brass behind-the-scenes.
And with MCU fans having already shared their criticisms about Phase 4, it’s clear that Marvel and Disney feel the need to make some big changes.
Disney Let Top Marvel Studios Executive Go Victoria AlonsoVariety shared new information on Victoria Alonso"s shocking exit from Marvel Studios, noting that she was fired from her position as Marvel Studios" president of physical and post-production, visual effects, and animation production.
While the exact reasoning behind her firing is unknown, a group of Disney executives including Disney Entertainment Co-Chairman Alan Bergman, who oversees Marvel Studios, made the final call, which reportedly "blindsided" Alonso. 
Bergman made the decision alongside Disney"s legal department and human resources department as part of a consortium.
Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was reportedly not involved with the decision, and he did not intervene during the termination process, a sign that Feige was not completely opposed to Alonso"s firing.
Alonso was in charge of the visual effects and post-filming work on Marvel Studios" movies and shows during a time when the company has had to meet record-high output, particularly to grow Disney+"s subscriber base. This pressure, according to Variety, reportedly led to quality issues internally that ultimately resulted in Alonso"s firing.
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