How Ahsoka Season 2 Can Carry On Baylan Skoll’s Legacy (Without Recasting Him)

  • A difficult decision faces showrunner Dave Filoni after the passing of Ray Stevenson, who played Baylan Skoll.
  • Shin Hati could potentially carry on his legacy and mission in Ahsoka season 2.
  • Sin Hati's role in Ahsoka season 2 could be to follow Baylan's footsteps, with his death acting as a catalyst for her character reversal.
Ahsoka showrunner Dave Filoni faces a difficult decision after the unfortunate passing of Ray Stevenson, who played Baylan Skoll. While most are speculating how Baylan Skoll can be recast so his character arc can continue, another option is for Filoni to figure out a way to carry on Baylan’s legacy—without replacing Ray Stevenson. Similarly to Carrie Fisher’s sendoff for Princess Leia in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, it may be possible for Filoni to retire Baylan Skoll’s character without ruining the story he had in mind for him for Ahsoka season 2.
Baylan Skoll’s character served as a foil for Ahsoka Tano. Both are former Jedi who walked away because of the darkness and failure they saw in the Jedi Order. While Ahsoka carries on with protecting the innocent, Baylan takes a brutal approach to achieve his lofty goals. At the end of Ahsoka season 1, he stands atop the statues of the Mortis gods with his dream finally in sight. But with Ray Stevenson’s passing, the Baylan Skoll the audience has come to know can never truly reach his goal. Instead, someone else—someone who knew him well enough—could carry on Baylan's legacy in Ahsoka season 2.


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