Hailee Steinfeld Dresses Up as Spider-Verse 2's Gwen Stacy In Real-Life (Photos)

Hailee Steinfeld has been cosplaying her Spider-Man character Gwen Stacy in real life, but could she ever play her in live-action?
Steinfeld has gone all-in on the Marvel universe over the last five years, debuting as Miles Morales" love interest, Gwen Stacy, in Sony"s animated Spider-Verse before coming to live-action in the MCU as Hawkeye"s Kate Bishop.
The 2023 sequel, Across the Spider-Verse, saw the animated Spider-Man universe crossover with live-action through seven shocking cameos and even a massive scene that, unfortunately, didn"t make the cut.
Hailee Steinfeld Cosplays Spider-Man"s Gwen StacyIn a recent Instagram post, Spider-Verse"s Gwen Stacy voice actress Hailee Steinfeld shared a collage of photos from the Across the Spider-Verse press tour, including several of her cosplaying her Sony Marvel character in real life. 
InstagramThe actress - who also plays Kate Bishop in the MCU - dressed up in an outfit inspired by the Visions Academy uniform worn by Gwen Stacy when she attended the school in Into the Spider-Verse
BBC/Sony PicturesSteinfeld wore the Gwen Stacy-inspired outfit for her recent interview appearance on BBC"s The One Show where she was also joined by Miles Morales" Shameik Moore and Spider-Punk"s Daniel Kaluuya.
BBC/Sony PicturesWill Hailee Steinfeld Ever Play Live-Action Gwen Stacy?Hailee Steinfeld has the rare privilege of playing two Marvel characters, both of which appear to have bright futures ahead in their respective franchises. But with the Spider-Verse making an increasing amount of crossovers into live-action, could Steinfeld ever bring Gwen Stacy to real life in a future project?
Across the Spider-Verse indicated that an animated or live-action character stays that way even when they cross into a universe in the opposite medium. So it"s unlikely Steinfeld could ever play her Spider-Verse Gwen Stacy Variant in live-action unless Sony is looking to make some major changes to its Multiversal rules.
And with Steinfeld already cast as Kate Bishop in the MCU with a bright future ahead of her as a fan-favorite and the new Hawkeye, she is likely also off the table as far as playing the Gwen Stacy to Tom Holland"s Spider-Man is concerned.
Perhaps her only live-action opportunity to play Gwen Stacy comes with Sony"s Spider-Man Universe of strange spin-offs nobody asked for. As this is the same studio that once ordered an Aunt May solo movie, it wouldn"t be shocking if the famous Spider-Man love interest were also on the cards for her own movie.
Sony is currently developing an animated Spider-Woman movie, with Steinfeld"s Gwen Stacy going by that moniker in Spider-Verse. Perhaps the actress may soon find herself leading her own spin-off flick, even if it isn"t in live-action.
Across the Spider-Verse is playing now in theaters.


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