New Batman Movie Can Finally Recapture Burton"s Gotham Magic After New Director Report

New reports about a potential director for Batman: The Brave and the Bold are a very good sign for the next iteration of Gotham City. Something recent live-action Batman movies haven't focused on as much is the character of Gotham itself. Its darkness and atmosphere are just as important as the villains who live there. As such, The Brave and the Bold has a chance to make Gotham uniquely dark and intimidating, potentially recapturing the magic of the version created by director Tim Burton.
The Flash's Andy Muschietti is reportedly being considered to direct Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Unlike Matt Reeves' ongoing The Batman trilogy and its spin-off series which are set in their own universe, The Brave and the Bold will be connected to the restructured DCU envisioned by new DC Studios head James Gunn and Peter Safran. As such, there are strong advantages when it comes to Muschietti directing the upcoming Batman movie, especially when it comes to Gotham's depiction.


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