Rise Of Skywalker"s Force Dyad Was The Sequels" Most Lucas-Like Idea

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker's Force dyad was one of the most George Lucas-inspired concepts in the sequel trilogy. Resembling the Star Wars creator's original vision for the Force and where he wanted to take the sequels before Disney purchased Lucasfilm, the idea of a powerful bond in the Force seen between Rey and Kylo Ren would have fit right in. However, the concept was largely wasted on-screen in the established Star Wars canon.
As seen in The Rise of Skywalker, Rey and Kylo Ren learn that they exist as a dyad, a powerful bond between Force wielders who complement each other with their respective uses of the light and dark. Unseen for generations in the Star Wars canon, Rey and Kylo's bond explained their ability to interact with each other regardless of the physical space. It also made them an incredibly potent duo, with the resurrected Palpatine using their shared power to restore himself. However, there's more to a Force dyad than was revealed in The Rise of Skywalker, and it would have fit very well with how Lucas views the Force.


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