1 DC Universe Movie Will Break A Live-Action Record (& It"s Not What You"d Expect)

The upcoming Swamp Thing movie set in the DC Universe will break a record for live-action DC characters in film. Announced in January 2023 by James Gunn, Swamp Thing is set to be a film released as part of the first chapter of the DCU: Gods and Monsters. While little is known about the film thus far, the appearance of Swamp Thing will tie a DC record in live-action cinema.
James Gunn declined to announce a release date for any DCU movies besides Superman: Legacy, meaning Swamp Thing will not be released until after 2025. With director James Mangold in talks for Swamp Thing, the excitement around the project only grows thanks to the character's underutilization since the early 2000s and the resurgence of superheroes on film. Despite Swamp Thing not being featured much in modern cinema, early iterations of the character mean that the upcoming Swamp Thing film will equal a DC live-action film record through the most unlikely of characters.
Swamp Thing Will be The First Non-Batman Or Superman Character To Lead 3 DCMovies The record in question is that, besides Batman or Superman, Swamp Thing will become the first DC character to lead three live-action DC movies. Speaking strictly on theatrical film projects, the upcoming DCU Swamp Thing movie will be the third to feature the character which has only been the case for the Man of Steel and Gotham's Caped Crusader. The first Swamp Thing film was released in 1982, directed by horror icon Wes Craven. A sequel to that film was released in 1989, making the DCU's Swamp Thing the third live-action film iteration of the character.


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