13 Batman Returns BTS Details You Never Knew

  • Batman Returns had a unique visual style and re-imagined Batman's mythology, solidifying its place in the DC film legacy.
  • Danny DeVito's portrayal of the Penguin scared a monkey on set, leading to a close call with DeVito's "b---s" and damage to his costume.
  • Tim Burton initially didn't want to direct a sequel, but agreed to return for Batman Returns with the promise of creative freedom.
Tim Burton's Batman Returns underwent a fascinating making-of process behind the scenes. After the massive success of 1989's Batman, Burton and Michael Keaton returned to the DC Universe with the 1992 sequel Batman Returns, which saw the Dark Knight battling the Penguin (Danny DeVito) while falling in love with Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer). Batman Returns proved to be extremely polarizing upon its release due to its dark and depressing tone, which ultimately led to Burton and Keaton departing the Batman franchise, though Keaton later returned as Batman in the 2023 DC multiverse movie The Flash.
Though Batman Returns has remained one of the most polarizing DC movies ever made, its unique visual style, holiday season theme, and re-invention of Batman's mythology gave it a firm place in the DC film legacy. As with any DC movie, Batman Returns is also full of many behind-the-scenes stories and tidbits from its journey to being released. Here are 13 of the most interesting behind-the-scenes details about the making of Batman Returns.


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