Robert Duncan McNeill Compares His 2 Star Trek Characters" Differences

  • Robert Duncan McNeill sees his Star Trek characters, Nicholas Locarno and Lt. Tom Paris, as polar opposites despite their identical appearance.
  • Lt. Tom Paris had a redemption arc on Star Trek: Voyager, showing that he was a good guy underneath his initial jerk exterior.
  • There is a possibility that Lt. Tom Paris could make a comeback in Star Trek: Prodigy season 2, which would be exciting for fans of the character.
Robert Duncan McNeill compares his two Star Trek characters, Lieutenant Tom Paris of Star Trek: Voyager, and Nicholas Locarno, who was last seen as the villain in Star Trek: Lower Decks season 4. McNeill's first appearance in Star Trek was as Locarno, who he played as a Starfleet Cadet in the Star Trek: The Next Generation season 5 episode, "The First Duty." As Lt. Tom Paris, McNeill starred in 7 seasons of Star Trek: Voyager. Robert voiced both of his roles in the animated Star Trek: Lower Decks.
Appearing on The Shuttlepod Show, Robert Duncan McNeill explained to hosts Connor Trinneer, Erica LaRose, and Mark Cartier that he sees his two Star Trek roles, Nicholas Locarno and Lt. Tom Paris, as "polar opposites." This is in spite of the fact that Paris and Locarno look identical, which was a hilarious joke in Star Trek: Lower Decks season 4's finale. Read his quote and watch The Shuttlepod Show video below:
I always thought that Nick Locarno… I’ve said to people Nick Locarno and Tom Paris, to me, were polar opposites. I feel like Tom Paris was kind of a jerk on the outside, especially in the beginning. But underneath, he was really a good guy. He just had a lot of walls up and a lot of defenses up, and over time, he developed into the Tom Paris that married B’Elanna and people realized he’s really a good guy underneath. Nick looked like a good guy on the outside but was really kinda rotten underneath. So they were sort of, in my mind, very opposites. They looked a lot alike, though! It's weird!


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