Fantastic Four 2025: New Costumes Officially Revealed With Cast

With an out-of-nowhere picture teasing a quartet of MCU costumes, Marvel Studios finally confirmed who will embody the franchise"s take on the Fantastic Four in 2025.
Since Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four was confirmed for development in December 2020, no MCU movie has had its cast predicted with more anticipation or scrutiny across the fandom.
Reports noted Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was deeply involved in the entire casting process, especially considering the move from 20th Century Fox is so eagerly awaited.
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Fantastic Four Cast Officially ConfirmedOn Valentine"s Day 2024, Marvel Studios shared an official concept poster for 2025"s Fantastic Four which confirmed the casting for Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, and The Thing in the MCU.
The leading power couple of Reed Richards and Sue Storm will officially be played by Pedro Pascal and Vanessa Kirby, respectively.
Pascal is recognizable for his work as the titular hero in The Mandalorian while Kirby was most recently seen as the White Widow in Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning.
Marvel StudiosThe fiery Johnny Storm will be embodied by Joseph Quinn, known for his recent role as Eddie Munson on Stranger Things.
Marvel StudiosFinally, the actor taking on the challenge of playing the rocky Ben Grimm will be Ebon Moss-Bachrach, who was previously seen in the Marvel Universe as Microchip in The Punisher.
Marvel StudiosThe full team can be seen below in romance-themed concept art, which also indicates the title of this movie was changed to The Fantastic Four.
The highly-anticipated movie also had its release date delayed slightly to July 25, 2025, switching debuts with Thunderbolts as that movie now arrives on May 2, 2025.
Marvel StudiosSadly, this announcement came alongside news that mega-villain Doctor Doom may not be The Fantastic Four"s main antagonist, although rumors do indicate he will be part of this movie"s cast.
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When Will the Official Fantastic Four Costumes Be Confirmed?Seeing this cast finally come together after months of agonizing rumors is a major relief for MCU fans.
This comes after plenty of wild discourse surrounding the first Mr. Fantastic suit worn by John Krasinski in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, leaving some fans thrilled and others massively disappointed.
Marvel has not shied away from highly-detailed and comic-accurate costumes, especially in recent years with projects like WandaVision and Ms. Marvel, leaving many anxious to see how The Fantastic Four continues this trend.
Fans can likely expect more news on Marvel"s First Family"s costumes over the next few months leading up to San Diego Comic-Con 2024, although seeing the cast together would be celebratory itself.
Seeing actors like Vanessa Kirby skirt their way around a potential casting in this movie recently was certainly gut-wrenching for many fans, but it shows just how intensive the casting process was for a team as big as the Fantastic Four.
Now, the next step in the process will be to get this cornerstone film filmed and produced as the MCU fandom hopes to see a solo outing that puts its predecessors far back in HERBIE"s rear-view mirror.
The Fantastic Four flies into theaters on July 25, 2025.


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