Star Wars" Mandalorian-Era TV Shows Have 1 Big Problem In Common With The Prequels

  • The Mandalorian and Ahsoka's political plotlines during the New Republic era mirror the formal and rigid political scenes seen in George Lucas' prequel trilogy.
  • The dialogue and character development surrounding the New Republic in these shows feels stilted and uninteresting, much like the politics in the prequels.
  • To improve, Star Wars needs to handle political themes more effectively, as demonstrated by the show Andor, and consider focusing on a limited series or special presentation to explore the New Republic's story in a more compelling way.
The Mandalorian and Ahsoka have continued one major Star Wars problem that flows from George Lucas' prequel trilogy. Lucasfilm's recent Star Wars TV shows have fleshed out the New Republic era, a time shortly after the fall of the Empire after the Battle of Jakku. Already viewers can see some of the pieces being set in place for the build-up to the sequel trilogy, although that won't technically occur for decades.
In general, although there have been a few missteps, the various shows set during the New Republic era have met with popular and critical acclaim. This is in part because of the skilled leadership of Dave Filoni, George Lucas' protégé, who has recently been promoted to Lucasfilm's Chief Creative Officer. But the apprentice is repeating one of the master's mistakes, a failing seen in Lucas' own Star Wars prequel trilogy.


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